Try And DIY! Valentine’s Wine Jell-O Hearts

by Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hey, Homies!

In the spirit of the most romantic holiday, I decided to #tryanddiy and a simple valentine’s dessert that you can try to create you and the one you love or for your upcoming V-Day celebration! Now, I chose to do this project because it includes one thing Sirr love which is Jell-O and one thing I love, WINE! Put them together and what do you got bippity boppity wine Jell-O!

IMG_2883 IMG_2882 IMG_2863 IMG_2871

Now I will admit they did not come out the best visually but they taste A-MA-ZING! The presentation is something that I will work on for the next batch.  Hopefully, if you try this dessert for yourself and master the heart shapes you can come back and let me know how you did it.



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