Organizing A Toddler’s Closet #4DAYSOFORGANIZING

by Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Hey, Homies! It is my first blog post of the new year #YAY! I’m sharing how I started the new year organizing the chaos that can be a 2-year-old toddler’s closet for the #4daysoforganizing with some favorite blogging gal pals.  Little things can be cute, but can also make a space look very messy. If you’re new here and visiting from Andrea at Decorating Cents, welcome!  Let’s get cracking on the tiny people, big closet conundrum.

My daughter Royal’s closet was in lack of better words, “a hot mess”.  Most of the space was filled with infant bathers, play pins, and bouncers.  I don’t plan on having another child anytime soon so that stuff had to be banished to the basement so Royal could have a proper and organized big girl closet. To see to this transformation in action check out the full tutorial HERE!

Make sure that your child can independently access the areas of the closet that you would like them to access.  Royal can reach her hanging clothes and the clothes in the drawer but not so much her shoes.  She can choose her shoes but I will store them for her. It will just stay neater that way lol.

Chalkboard drawers fronts are a fun and easy way get your child to begin organizing on their own and associating words with items of clothing.  I hand Royal a pair of pants and ask her to point to the drawer where her pants go.  She looks for the pants picture drawn on the front, points to the drawer with so much excitement and places her pants in the drawer as I read the word “pants” aloud to her.  She thinks its a fun game but little does she know this is the beginning of her life with chores.

Keep the closet space clean and engaging.  It’s more than just a storage space now, it is a learning area.

I plan to add more labels in the future but I love how it is now!

Stay tuned for Royal’s FULL Nursery turned Big Girl room makeover very soon!  It is coming along beautifully.

Let me know if and how you plan to update your little one’s closet space.

If you haven’t already checked out the first-day organizing tips check out Carli’s organization post, she’s talking about organizing her sons’ bedrooms and Whitney tackled her home office

Tomorrow, we’re continuing the #4daysoforganizing with Crystal Holliday (sharing her laundry room) and Erin Marshall (sharing her office). Make sure you check them out!

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