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by Thursday, December 8, 2016


Hey Homies,

So as always December rolls around and I begin to reflect on how much The Handy Homegirl blog and YouTube channel has grown and what are the ways I can improve my growth.  I start by looking back and comparing my planners from the previous years and boy oh boy, did my organization and planning go a rye this year.

Here are my planners from 2015 and 2016.  In 2015, I was much more organized.  I wrote down everything, even highlighted like a mad woman.  Part of me wants to blame it on the fact I was pregnant that year.  Counting weeks and months, documenting the babies growth and keeping up with doctor appointments made me an organization freak-a-zoid. #nesting

2016 I fell all the way off. I barely wrote anything down, and it somehow managed to be Royal’s coloring book. Plus I hated that the calendar boxes were small.  I gotta get that girl her own coloring utensils for Christmas #notetoself



So for the year 2017, I will make a VALIANT effort to organize my ideas, life stuff, engagement strategies and blog content because this year was an epic fail. Just being honest.

When I get a planner for the new year, I feel so optimistic and proud. Like Supergirl flying through the air on a mission to slay DIY and kick home decor’s pretty little butt.  I had planned on going to Target to purchase my planner like I do every year but found out from a new blogger friend of mine, Nicole Patterson from She Does A Bunch blog,  about these neat planners from Me & My Big Ideas called The Happy Planner.  Nicole also has an Instagram page @sdabplans dedicated to  @meandmybigideas planners. That alone had me hooked.

She told me I could pick up a planner from Michael’s craft store. So I headed to Michaels to purchase a planner and a pack of cute stickers for 30% off. img_3824

I am going to give you guys a little planner tour, and I will let you know what I think of it in a few months.

First things first, I love the bright and colorful cover art.  Plus, having a daily reminder of how good looking I am will never be a minus in my book.  The planner I purchased is a 12-month calendar spanning from January 2017 to December 2017.


When you open the cover, there is an awesome quote on the backside and a “this happy planner belongs to:” space on the opposite page.


The monthly sections are separated by colorful tabs.


Each month has a cover page where you can jot down monthly goals, birthdays and dates to remember.


The calendar is pretty standard with a side column for content ideas and notes.


Now this love! Large writing spaces.  My other planners did not have this feature. I hope this works better for me.


Each month features a creative print or inspirational quote.
img_3839 img_3838

The final page is for notes. Now right off the bat, I would prefer more note pages to come with the planner.  The Happy Planner sells additional sheets for notes separately.  I currently have another notebook for notes, so I will keep using it.


For fun, I picked up a pack of The Happy Planner stickers. There are cute reminder stickers and to do stickers to decorate the planner.

img_3843 img_3842 img_3841

I have begun planning for the next year, and I hope you all are excited to see all the amazing projects I have in store.  Until the next time! Chiao!




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