IKEA Hack: VITTSJÖ Table Turned Tufted Ottoman (My Way!)

by Wednesday, February 24, 2016

So here is how I created this beautiful tufted glass shelf ottoman!

Created using Morpholio Board

To bring texture and comfort into the room, I wanted a tufted cocktail ottoman to use as a table and footrest. I couldn’t find the exact ottoman from my vision board for a decent price, so I decided to DIY it up and stalk Pinterest for ideas.



I found this amazing tufted ottoman created by .  It was chic, modern and the glass shelf was perfect for holding magazines and decorative items while keeping a clean, floaty look.

IKEA VITTSJÖ nesting tables

First, I sprayed the fully constructed base (using IKEA instructions) with Rust-oleum Metallic Bright Silver.  This metallic color brought shine to the piece.



While I let the base dry outside, I started upholstering the top.IMG_0892ikeaboardedit

I wanted to create six button holes. I divided the length 35 3/8 by 4 marking each section approx. 8 3/4 inches apart and the width 17 3/4″ by 3 marking each section approx. 6 inches apart. I drilled holes where the white lines intersect.

IMG_0901 IMG_0902


Next, I laid out the wood board on top on my fabric so I could measure where I should cut the corner seams.  Here is an example diagram below.  Make you add a 5/8 or 1-inch seam allowance before you cut the fabric and sew the seams together.

Pictured here: Corner seams are sewn together the wrong side out.


Pictured here: Corner right side out.

IMG_0903 IMG_0905

Now here is where my mistake made my version different than the version I found on Pinterest.  When I cut the foam, I cut it to the exact measurements of the board rather than the entire top side of the table’s measurements.


See the difference? Her material and foam cover the top of the base. I cut my foam and material exactly to the board inset creating a cleaner sleeker look. YAY ME and my pleasant mistakes!  Hope you like my version of the IKEA VITTSJÖ nesting table tufted ottoman hack!

Now go be fabulous and create!

Ikea Hack Tufted Ottoman

Ikea Hack Tufted Ottoman

Ikea Hack Tufted Ottoman

Ikea Hack Tufted Ottoman

Ikea Hack Tufted Ottoman

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  • Venita
    February 24, 2016

    I think it looks great! Good job.

    • Handyhomegirl14
      February 27, 2016


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