How To Treat Yourself With Rocksbox!

by Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hey, Homies!

So this year I have a list of short term and long term goals I plan to accomplish and transition into my everyday routine. Treating myself more is one of them.

Since Royal was born I had been putting her, Sirr and our home before myself which most would agree is the way it is supposed to be, but never stopping to take of care me seemed like a problem.  Plus, visually I looked and felt like a bum.

What is a better way to “treat” yourself than with a little shopping trip? Right??? No, wrong! I spent hours walking in anxious circles, in and out of stores feeling guilty about the prices of the items that caught my eye and sweating the possibility that Royal might need something more important. Eventually, I left the stores with bags full of things for Royal and Sirr and nothing for myself.

Growing tired of my complaints, Sirr had to sit me down and give me a lecture on how I wouldn’t be at my best for them if I didn’t feel at my best.

After that pep talk, I began treating myself to shoes but shoes need accessories of course, and that is when Rocksbox came into my life!  A monthly subscription for the hottest designer jewelry delivered directly to my door.

Now, I love jewelry just has much as the next girl but I rarely buy it because as a new mom having jeans that fit, other than maternity jeans, is more of a priority.  But what I love about Rocksbox so far is that once a month or more than once a month I can treat myself with three pretty pieces of jewelry at a time, wear it, send back what I don’t want and keep what I love guilt free!

A major plus is that at sign up I set up a style profile and a stylist selects quality pieces just for me and the items arrive in this pretty packaging a few days later.

The first Rocksbox I received was perfect for me.  A very simple Sophie Harper rose gold X ring, Gorjana necklace, and SLATE two-toned stud earrings. I kept the ring to purchase with my monthly $10 Shine credit and sent the necklace and earrings back. #freeshipping Now, I just wait for three more pieces to arrive. I have never been more excited to check the mailbox.

This monthly subscription is only $19 a month but as your homegirl, I want you to give Rocksbox a try before you buy!  Use the code: handyhomegirl14xoxo for one month of free Rocksbox jewelry when applied at checkout! #yay!

Things to know…

+ If you sign up with my code, handyhomegirl14xoxo, it will give you your first month free! At the end of your first month, you will either need to cancel or you will begin paying $19/month as a Rocksbox member

+ Once you sign up and your account is activated you will receive $10 of monthly Shine Credit which you can use towards purchasing any of the pieces you love at their discounted members price. And don’t be afraid to use it! Any unused Shine Credit does not rollover to the next month. 

+ You will need to return any pieces you do not want to purchase. Return shipping is completely on Rocksbox! Once you return your box they’ll start working on your next one! 

Enjoy yourself girl, you deserve it!

Photography credits: Jazmin Jeter IG: @jeterszn





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