How To Make The Most Of Unexpected Life Experiences: Pregnancy Annoucements!

by Friday, February 20, 2015

Finding out I was pregnant was on the most unexpected blessings of my life! I felt like I went through all the emotional stages of a 12 step AA program.  If I was happy about the pregnancy I felt selfish; if I felt upset I felt ungrateful. Even telling my family felt like it would have been a daunting experience but I think what got me through the shock and fear phase was prayer, concentrating on what I wanted and accepting that blessings happen for all the best reasons.

So I told my glee filled best friends and a few of my line sisters to get me ring-side hype about making the official announcement to our parents, families, and the world (well, the people that follow me on social media).  I always dreamed of doing the most creative and shocking YouTube worthy announcements when the time came to announce my pregnancy. WELP! The dream came early and I figured there is no time like the present to have the pregnancy experience I always wanted.

I racked my brain, YouTube and Pinterest to find funny and creative ways to share the news!

1. Telling My Hypemen


It is not often you can say you have more than one best friend or even good friends- BOO YOW!

I honestly wasn’t as excited as I thought I would have been so I needed to surround myself with people who would be excited for me and encourage me; most of them had kids themselves or were expecting.

*ENTER HYPEMEN BET Hip Hop Awards Style*:

Besties: Minnie (mommy of 2) Kita (mommy of 3) Ebonie (Expecting first baby), Jena (mommy of 1 and feverish for another. lol she is gonna kill me for saying that) and Jessica (Im Jess Sayin’).

Best Linesisters: Euzahn (Applying for god-momma status lol) and Amy (Front!)

Brother: Brandon L. Crump aka Will. I. Am aka Xclusive aka 5th grade Sean John groupie aka my brother from another (daddy of 1)

HU Dance Team: Shantel, Kendra, Barbs, Courtney, Allie, Janielle, and Alleson (Pep Squad)

Yeah I told a lot of people before I told my family but like I said before I needed all the hype I could get!

The Actual Texts


2. Telling My Mom

Part of me really wanted to show up at my mom’s door nine (ten) months later with the baby and say, “SURPRISE! You’re a grandma!” *run exit stage left* but I had to put on my big girl panties and find a creative and sentimental way to tell my mom.  Luckily, I unknowingly had a cover story for the surprise.

For Christmas I sent her a sterling silver picture frame. Not knowing I was pregnant I told my mom I would send her a picture of Sirr and I for the frame later.

*cue postive pregnancy test*

*cue denial*

* cue 2nd positive test*

*cue further denial*

*cue positive pregnancy test at doctor’s office*

*cue distrust in the medical education system aka DENIAL*

*cue ultrasound*

*cue Holy Crap! It’s real aka ACCEPTANCE*


My Little Peanut!

With ultrasound photo in hand I figured I would send a different photo to my mother.  I took to Pinterest to find some picture ideas that I could create myself. I found a really simple black and white photo of a calendar marked with the due date, a picture of the ultrasound and a pair of infant shoes. It was going to be the perfect surprise until I remembered, MY MOTHER IS THEE MOST DIFFICULT WOMAN TO SURPRISE. She just won’t allow herself to be surprised. Just so nosy! I would know because I am just like her but I went for it regardless of my reservations.





 I tried to get my best friend Minnie to help in the surprise and get her reaction on video but long story short it didnt work out how I envisioned and the old lady figured it out before she got the photo, WOMEN! smh. Afterwards, we talked on Skype for hours and she thanked me for giving her the ultimate Christmas gift.

The Actual Texts


2. Telling Sirr’s Family

Telling Sirr’s family was probably one of the funniest surprises ever! Luckily, I have it all on video!  But first let me give the background story to the ultimate surprise.

 Sirr thought it would be cool to tell his family on his mother’s birthday. I thought that was great, I mean what a gift for a loving woman who has to listen to her girlfriends talk about their grandchildren constantly lol.  Now she has the ammo to fire back.  Plus, we could not walk in the house without his dad starting every conversation with “One day when y’all have kids….”

We finally asked him, “Do you two want grandchrildren or something?”

Pops replied, “Well, not this week but maybe next week…”   lol

Scene: its the night of his mother’s birthday dinner at Siam Thai Resturant in Downtown Decatur (very good food btw).

Sirr and I bought her a bouquet of red roses, tucked the ultrasound photo in the card holder, and wrapped the flowers up to conceal the surprise until she opened it.

*Cue video*

3. Telling My Dad

Now I wasn’t going to ever tell my dad until I could afford to buy my own island next to Oprah and the Disney family but I figured I’d be realistic. He would be spread out over Lake Michigan before then and then he would never know he had a grandchild. I couldn’t be that selfish. Could I?  NAW It wouldn’t be right.

Backstory: My dad collects t-shirts from every city, for every civil rights march, college (HU!) or street festival. So I thought I would add to my dads collection a special t- shirt from Etsy.


Here is my dads reation when he received the shirt in the mail.

*cue video*

Well there you have it folks! I successfully surprised myself, our families, and my followers with the wonderful news of our new addition.  EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT EXPECTING IT, MAKE THE BEST OF IT!  Now who’s up for diaper duty???? Anyone? No?… I”ll wait.

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  • Kita
    February 21, 2015

    That was awesome Ashley! Love you girl

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    February 27, 2015

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