Handy Homegirl Tip and Tutorial: Hanging Art STRAIGHT!

by Monday, July 18, 2016

Hey, Homies!

We have now been in our new home for almost two months, and I finally gave in and unpacked all the boxes because honestly, renovations aren’t going to go as fast as I first thought. Plus, I was ready to start living in our home. So it was onward to decorating our master bedroom. I will be sharing the overall design of our master a little later I but wanted to show you guys a little tip to hanging pictures and artwork. If you loath crooked frames on walls as much as I do then this trick will work perfectly for you. These shutters were already in the house, but I thought they would look beautiful as wall art in our tribal retreat master bedroom.





First, use painters tape to measure the distance between the hanging hooks.




Take the tape off and place it where you want you artwork to go.  Ok so I placed it a little crooked but here is where a trusty leveler comes in.





Use a leveler  to to find the center and adjust the tape to even with the leveler.




Hammer nails into the corners of the tape.




Remove the tape and hang your art! All done!



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