Half Bathroom Update: Selecting Floor Tile

by Monday, April 10, 2017

Hey, Homies!  The basement and half bath renovations are coming along nicely!  The walls are mudded, taped, and sanded.  Hallejuah!  Sirr thinks the entire space is his man cave but with me being the lead designer and woman of the household, he is clearly mistaken.  But I will be a kind woman and take his design ideas into consideration for the most part. Don’t hold me to it though.  So here is where we are now.

The half bathroom is first up to be finished so Royal and I went and picked up some tile samples from Floor & Decor.

Sirr wanted a marble floor tile but went I looked at the prices for actual marble, which ranged from $4.99 to $15.99 per square foot, that is when I quickly vetoed that design idea.  I did, however, learn more about stone look porcelain and ceramic tile.  It looks just like high-end marble or granite but a fraction of the cost.  I was lucky to find a polished faux Carrera marble tile that looks just has good as real marble at $2.49 per square foot.

I am considering doing a very minimalist black and white wall so I was thinking the marble look might be too traditional so I looked around for other options in slate grays.  The slate tile was scratch resistant, which is a plus, and less expensive than the stone look marble tile, double plus.

I am super happy with my sample selection. I can’t wait for the wallpaper samples to arrive so we can make a final decision and get started!  Wish me luck!!




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