Drawer Faces Makeover with Overlays!

by Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hey, Homies!

I am back again with more deets on DIYs I did for my Homie Hook Up Master Bedroom Makeover. Next up, the dresser!  This was a very simple project and pretty much free.  I did purchase an extra can of white spray paint and new drawer pulls but I got lucky when my neighbor had to these amazing mid-century overlays in his garage.  I had to have them and new they would be perfect to spruce Destoni’s existing dresser.


Her dresser was previously tan and she had painted it brown and left the drawer tan about a year ago.  Since her room was going to be bright and colorful  I wanted the dresser to help lighten up the room even more.  So here is how you can turn a dresser from drab to FAB!

What you will need:

Dresser drawer

new drawer pull

Adhesive (squeeze glue not spray)

Primer Spray Paint

White Spray Paint

Clear Gloss Spray Paint

Overlays ( several sites sell overlays for the low)



First, remove the existing hardware and prep the drawer by dusting them.

img_2789Next, measure the overlay over the drawer.


img_2791Tape off parts of the drawer that you don’t want spray painted.

img_2792Position your overlay and use E600 glue to adhere the overlay.

img_2794Once the overlays have dried, prime your drawers, let it dry, then spray with your final color and protect your work with a spray on polyurethane.


Add your new hardware, then Voila!  Here the before and after.

img_2941 img_2942


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