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by Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Hey, Homies!!

A few weeks ago my mother got married!  It was a beautiful ceremony and social hour.  The three weeks leading up to the wedding were, for lack of a better word, tiresome, because my mother wanted me by her side creating and selecting things for the wedding that most brides would have done months prior.  But I get it, she just wanted to spend that special time with MOI and found it hard to make up her mind about anything!  One of my many tasks was to create the decorations.  My mother was on a tight budget, so I came up with a few inexpensive wedding DIYs that looked expensive and chic.

Handmade wedding signs of all shapes and sizes are a huge trend.  They can be personalized to the bride and groom or for guests. This project is straightforward and inexpensive for all the budget conscience DIY brides out there!


  • Framed artwork (thrift store)
  • Metallic spray paint
  • Paint Pens
  • Custom text
  • Tape
  • Plastic



The first step is figuring out what your sign will say. Then you’ll need to design your special saying (or seating chart) on your computer and print them out.

NOTE: You will have to split the text between two pieces of 8×11 printer paper so the text can fill the up space.  Use or your favorite editing site to format your text on two pieces of paper.  I found the center of the text and enlarged the text until the center was the edge of the page, saved that image, moved the text over to capture the latter half of the text, saved that image, and finally printed both pages out.

Next, select your font. I used are Bilbo Swash Caps for the “Welcome” text and Ferrum for the subtitle text on


My mom and lucked up and found large frames at the thrift for about $9 each.  We snagged the frames with the most intricate detailing.  Remove the backing and artwork from the frame.  Clean the glass and let it dry.


Lay down plastic in a well-ventilated area or outside. Spray paint the frames and let them dry completely.


While the frames are drying, work on the glass design. First, tape the two pieces of paper together at its center.  Measure the center of the glass to make sure your spacing is perfect and tape the design starting in the center onto the backside of the glass.



You’ll have to flip the glass back and forth to make sure that you’re happy with the layout.  Remember, the taped design is on the BACK of the glass.



The next step is to trace your printed design with your paint pin carefully. Yes, take a few deep breathes and keep a steady hand.  The printout is your guide – but you can embellish if you want!

I used Deco Color Calligraphy paint markers for this sign. It goes on wet but dries quickly. Quickly erase with Windex or Wet Wipes if you mess up.  Use a finer tipped pen for thinner lettering.


Now, you don’t have to add the flowers, but I thought the overhanging flowers would take the overall look to a whole other level.  I attached the flowers to different ways, one with E600 glue and the other with velcro.  The E600 worked just fine, but you wouldn’t be able to change up the flowers when reusing the signage.  So, I will only show the velcro version, which is quite simple.

Once the glass has dried, place it back inside the frame and secure it with E600 glue or the original holding pins.  Measure out two 5 to 6 inches pieces of velcro. One for the bottom and the top of the frame. (Please excuse my nails. My nail appointment was few nails after completing this project.)

Stick one side of the velcro to the frame and wrap the other piece of velcro around the stem of the flowers.

Stick the two sides together and voila!  The flowers will stay in place just fine. If you are using artificial flowers, bend the flowers in different directions to finish the look.


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