Decorating Royal’s Travel The World Theme Nursery: Part One

by Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hey Homies!!

We have been in our new home for almost a month and a half now and we are stilling getting settled. I’m mean, not really, most of our stuff is still in boxes and I don’t plan to take much out until we finish the remodel or get to a point where it is a livable renovation. lol With all the demolition and painting going on in the rest of the house I wanted Royal’s nursery to be completed first so she would have a comfortable place to sleep and play. It’s currently not finished but I couldn’t wait to show you guys my progress thus far.

Each room in the house was already “white” but a fresh coat of BEHR Ultra Pure White made the room feel fresh and brand new.


I wanted to try the half and half painting technique or “color blocking” walls. I saw this technique on Pinterest and fell in love with the minimalist and clean look.


I picked where I wanted to draw my line and tape off (4ft 6 in)  It doesn’t matter where you draw your line it will look good at any height.


Now if you don’t have an Auto-leveling laser GET ONE!  This thing saves me so much time when creating a straight line around an entire room or leveling picture frames.  Other than using this simple tool you will have to use a straight ruler. #eh


Once the line was drawn I used Frog Tape to tape off the line.  I will definitely vouch for this tape.  This tape works better than Blue tape for creating clean lines with NO bleeding.  TIP: remove

pic logo

TIP: Remove the tape while the paint is wet to have the cleanest lines.

IMG_0807 IMG_0804


I used BEHR in Beacon Blue and it came out perfectly!! It is rich, vibrant, and the perfect backdrop for the furniture and travel theme decor I found for her room.  And luckily the blue tile was already on the window sill which created a pretty contrast .



DIY Paper and Rifle Co Calendar, framed.



Reupholster Chair, custom LOVE pillow, and faux fur foot stool.


Her room is coming along and I can’t wait to finish it! #staytuned

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  • Eva Birch
    July 25, 2016

    What a wonderful theme! A great way to inspire from an early age. We are currently renovating our kids bedroom and we are currently looking for theme ideas. We have found some great inspiration so far for kids themed bedrooms. We are having so much more fun planning and creating the kids bedroom then we did our own!!

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