Baby Shower Craft: How To Create A BIG Floral Cardboard Letter

by Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hey Ladies and Gents!

I am back with another fabulous craft that will be debuted at my baby shower this summer!

While researching, on Pinterest of course, a theme for Royal's shower I found this this collage photo of baby shower that was beautifully decorated with bright pink, blue, and orange items. This shower was definitely the vibe I was going for. One detail I noticed the most was the huge letter Z covered in pink flowers on the gift table. I fell in love with that idea and officially became "biter" or better yet I became "inspired". Yeah, that sounds better!



So here is a tutorial on how I created a big floral letter R for my baby girl Royal. This beautiful thing is SO going in her nursery!



Large Cardboard Box (Dollar Tree employee gave it to me)

Faux Flowers (Dollar Tree)

Fabric (optional)

Sharpie and Pen/Pencil

Hot Glue Gun

Thick Tape

Box cutter



First, measure out how big you want your letter to be. I wanted it to be just as big just as big as the one in the picture but the post did not come with instruction or measurements. So for all you know I'm the originator of this project OKAAAY!

I measured my R 20 1/2" wide and 33" tall.


Next, I traced a R starting with the left leg being 6" wide, the top 5" wide, the middle section is in the center of the R and 5" wide, and the right leg of the R does not have an even width all the way down but it ends at 6" wide just like the left leg.

pic logoHandy Homegirl Tip: Find a letter font you like online and use it as a template. If you have a good eye for measurement you can easily scale the widths of each section to be larger.


Then, use a sharpie to flesh out the letter so you can see exactly what you want to cut. I mad a few modifications to the R by hand to get a better shape.


Use a box cutter to cut out the letter.  Use the corner of the box to eliminate having to cut out a seperate side piece for the leg of the letter (if your letter has a leg). I cut the side 6" deep.


Add extra pieces of cardboard to the base of the letter for more standing support.



I cut out 6" wide strips for the top section, outer right leg, inner legs, and center R section.  Bend the strips of cardboard to fit the curves of the letter. Then use heavy tape to attach the the strips the edges of the letter.


My letter R is all taped up, fully standing, and ready to be flowered!!



Instead of closing the back with cardboard, and having to use more than the amount of flowers I had purchased, I used extra black fabric to close up the back of the R.



Ok now its time to start gluing on flowers!  THIS PART CAN BE TIRING AND TIME CONSUMING DO TAKE A BREAK IF NEED BE!

I want my flowers to lay flat so I poke a small hole in the cardboard for the small stem on the back of the flower to go through.  Add the hot glue around the stem and place in the desired spot. Keep going until all the cardboard is covered.

pic logoHandy Homegirl Tip: Space your flowers out enough so that the petals help cover the cardboard. If you put them too close together you will find yourself running out of flowers rather quickly and you will have to buy more flowers than neccessary.




I hope you try this project for a special occasion. If you do take a pic and send it to or @ me! @thehandyhomegirl14




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