Baby Shower Craft: How To Make Faux Floral Centerpieces!

by Sunday, April 26, 2015

I am super excited about planning and decorating my baby showers in June and July! Thanks to Pinterest I am getting ahead of the game with my theme and DIY projects.

Now, I know traditionally I should not be planning my own shower because I’m the “guest of honor” buuuuuuut I’m going to be honest with y’all (sigh) I, Ashley The Handy Homgirl, have a problem called COCCCS-Chronic Over Conpulsive Creative Control Syndrome.  They haven’t found a cure for it yet so I’m just dealing with it day by day and doing what I want for these showers. Plus, I’m more of the creative director and I have built a commitee of helpers. I’ll just sit down, point to where I want things to go and tell people what to do nicely, I PROMISE! #handtoGod

But anywho, I’m going for a chic enchanted forest theme with lots of colorful flowers, greenery, and butterflies with black and white stripes and gold accents.  This tutorial will show you how I made these gorgeous table centerpieces that really supports my chic enchanted forest theme. ENJOY!








Faux flowers of your choice

3″ Styrofoam balls

Candle holders


Spray paint

Styrofoam glue

Hot glue


First, spray paint your candlesticks. One coat should be fine. I used Krylon Cover MAXX Ultimate Coverage in Gold Metallic which fully covered the glass candlestick and dried very quickly.


Cut your desired length of ribbon and tie a bow around the candlestick.  I cut 5/8″ black and white striped ribbon in to 18 1/2″ pieces.


Hot glue your desired width styrofoam balls the top of the candle stick. I used 3″ styrofoam balls.


Remove the flowers the from the stems but save the leaves you never know what you might want to use them for later.  I chose to use an assortment of colors and flower types. Starting at the bottom, add styrofoam glue to the short stem of the flower and insert into the styrofoam. Hold in place for a few seconds. the glue should seal quickly. Continue until you have the desired amount of coverage.


And Viola! All done. This project is super easy, quick and most importantly fabulously frugal!





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