Hey, y'all!

Welcome to The Handy Homegirl blog for the fabulously frugal decorator in you. On this site you will learn tips, tricks and gain the tools you need to create beauty in your home and life.  I truly believe that creating beautiful spaces and events is an extension of oneself. Every invitation into your home is like a VIP introduction to who you are and how you would like your visitors to view you.

I have always been a creative being.  I grew up drawing on my mother's wall, dancing on my father's floor boards, and sewing barbie doll clothes from scraps of fabric.  There was nothing I couldn't make. Originally from Chicago, IL, #southside #allday I moved to Atlanta, GA in 2013 to pursue a career in costume design after graduating from Howard University with BA in Fashion Merchandising.  My career choices have often changed routes from fashion design to fashion merchandising to costume design to giving up on a career path period, but I knew whatever I chose to do I wanted to wake up every day creating something and loving what I created.

I'm that girl you think of when you tell a friend, "Oh yeah my homegirl can make that! She is dope too!"

I randomly started The Handy Homegirl blog in February of 2014. I honestly had no idea what a blog was and figured I wouldn't keep it up for long, but in the meantime, I figured it would be a cool way to brag about all the furniture I created and redesigned. Like most, not all, but like most diyers I DIYed because I was (to be very transparent) broke. I was new to the city of Atlanta and working a retail job, making a retail job income and I couldn't afford the furniture I saw in the West Elm catalog or even Target for that matter #nolie. Broke or not, I still wanted to live in a welcoming environment that looked like a million bucks.

I decided to take another stab at entrepreneurship and this time, I stuck to it. But in the midst of my entrepreneurial endeavors I met a wonderful man, Sirr, who walked into my one bedroom apartment and recognized my "hobby" as a financial goldmine. We found out we were pregnant soon after. Talk about a shocker. Now I am a mother to my beautiful baby girl, Royal.  Thus, my random dramatic rants about mommyhood and overshared tender moments in The Homegirl Life.

Slowly but surely my blog started to grow and with that came commercial property clients and everyday people that want to work with The Handy Homegirl!  I offer interior design & consulting, event decor & consulting, online courses & workshops, and of course, I continue to post free tips and projects for you to enjoy and try on your own. Thank you for following me as I continue to grow and bring you fabulously frugal projects for your home.