#12DaysOfGiftGuides: Gifts For DIYers

by Thursday, December 8, 2016


Hey, Homies!

I am back with another titillating installment of #12DaysOf Gift Guides. Today will be giving you some ideas for the DIYer in your life. From the DIYer who started creating things yesterday to the DIYer who can’t seem to find something not to take apart and rebuild.

For the DIY Beginner

I would suggest the essential tool for any DIYer. A hot glue gun kit.  Me personally, I wouldn’t know how to mentally or physically function if I didn’t have a hot glue gun on hand.  Most beginners don’t start off doing projects that require major adhesives like  E600 or Liquid Nails, so a gifted hot glue is the best way to encourage their new hobby.


For the Hardcore Crafter

If your DIYer makes everything under the sun, then I would simply suggest a free for all gift card from their favorite craft store or hard store.  Diying can get expensive. Even though making items yourself is cheaper than buying an already made item all the supplies and tools can add up to a pretty penny.


For the Beauty DIYer

With  Grow and Make DIY body and beauty kits your DIYer can make signature blends of bath salts, lip balms and body lotions.


For the Around The House Fixer

A complete tool set would be an excellent gift for a person who is always fixing things around the house because he or she refuses to hire a professional.


For The Foodie DIYer

There is a unique DIY Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese Kit for Williams-Sonoma. Your foodie DIYer would adore farm to table quality food that he or she can make themselves.


For The Furniture DIYer

Contribute to making furniture makeovers ten times easier with a paint sprayer. Your diyer will love how professional their furniture will be now.


For The DIY blogger

Help your DIY blogger organize blog content and project for the year with the Me and My Big Ideas’ ‘The Happy Planner’ Planner.


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Talk to you all later!

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  • Darnetha | ChippaSunshine
    December 10, 2016

    Great gift guide Ashley! The DIY cheese kit is interesting. I’m intrigued with the happy planner, let me know if you like it.

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