Why You Should Visit an Optometrist Or See a Medical Eye Doctor

eye doctor

An eye doctor is a person who gives a specialized service related specifically to vision or the eyes. It is anyone involved in eye health care, from a primary care provider to practitioners with advanced graduate level schooling to those with only a minimal amount of medical training. They are trained to diagnose, treat, and correct various eye problems through the use of diagnostic devices and surgical methods.


Before you can get an eye exam, you will be required to have several basic documents. These are your medical history, personal history, and your eye examination report. Your eye exam report will contain your detailed description of your current eye health including any conditions that you currently have had for a period of time. You will also be required to give measurements such as near and far sightedness, astigmatism, and myopia. Eye doctors are very familiar with these types of eye conditions and can give you an accurate diagnosis. Your eye doctor will also likely ask you to give them a comprehensive list of your family medical history.

After the eye doctor has completed their initial evaluation, they will be able to determine whether or not you meet the requirements for your particular case. Some patients’ eyes are too weak to function properly. If this is the case, corrective eyewear, such as glasses or contact lenses, may be recommended. Some people, on the other hand, have higher than normal visual acuity. In this case, contact lenses or glasses may not be appropriate. If you do meet the requirements, you will be given the option of wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses during your regular day to day activities.


Many times vision problems begin with age. As we age, vision problems can progress from slight things like blurred vision and having to wear eyeglasses to more serious things like double vision, lazy eye, and problems with seeing halos. Vision problems also commonly begin with increased dry eye or the need for stronger glasses to correct the problem. There are many age-related vision problems that can be corrected by the use of corrective eyewear. If the eye doctor feels that you’re suffering from any one of these conditions, he or she may recommend that you see an eye doctor to find out more about the problem.

There are a variety of reasons why a patient needs to see an eye doctor. Some people suffer from dry eye, which is caused by certain forms of cataracts. Other patients may have issues with either nearsightedness or farsightedness, and if these prescription lenses or contacts cannot correct the issue, the patient may require glasses or contact lenses. Many patients also begin to experience problems with their eyesight after they begin to smoke. If you continue to smoke after you initially quit, it’s very important to stop smoking, regardless of the health benefits, since smoking has been shown to worsen several eye conditions.


No matter what eye problems you suffer from, you should always consult with your primary care doctor and not try to self-diagnose. If you suspect a particular medical eye problem, make an appointment with an eye doctor to determine the severity of the problem. Even if you have already attempted to self-diagnose, and found that you’re suffering from a non-prescription eye problem, you should still schedule an appointment with your ophthalmologist. Anyone with a vision impairment can benefit from the help of a qualified ophthalmologist when it comes to treatment for various eye problems.

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