Tips To Reduce Eye Strain

dim light or glare your eyes

Eye strain occurs when you are trying to read in dim light or glare your eyes on the computer screen. It is also known as’myopia’ or ‘hypermetropia’. Causes of eye strain can include: prolonged reading, driving, computer and cell phone usage, squinting, allergy, long periods of staring at an object, and stress. Eye strain most often occurs when you need to read in dim light or glare your eyes to read. This is why it is most often associated with reading and writing.

Another common cause of eye strain is squinting. People who squint have muscles that are pulled taut, causing the eyes to water more than normal. Other causes of this vision problem can include: nose bleeds, sinus infections and sinus congestion, prolonged standing or sitting, headaches, muscles strain or muscle spasms in the face.

cause eye strain

If you wear contact lenses, the lenses and your eyelids can pull a muscle and cause eye strain. It is much more common for older people to suffer from this vision problem. This is because the muscles in your face relax less as you age. However, if you wear glasses, they might pull your eyes away from your face and cause some or all of the following conditions: crossed eyes, lazy eyes, double vision, squinting or glasses that do not fit comfortably on your face, and headache.

As you age, your eye muscles become weaker and more easily fatigued. Because of decreased eye muscles and increased stress, your eyes can become strained more easily. This is especially true for people who spend much of their time behind a computer or are constantly working on the computer. Some researchers believe that working in front of a computer can eventually lead to lazy eyes, double vision and crossed eyes. People who spend a great deal of time reading or working with a computer may experience eye strain.

susceptible to vision problems

People who wear contact lenses or long time near a computer or TV are more susceptible to vision problems. This is because the eyes are pulled away from the screen and focused on a close up object. When this occurs for a long time, the eyes might suffer from fatigue, blurred vision and headaches. Because of the potential to develop vision problems from long time usage of contact lenses, many people are choosing to remove their contact lenses after spending a long time near a computer or TV. Instead, many optometrists recommend that their patients limit their usage of computers and TVs. It is also important for patients to make sure that they do not spend a long time near their television or a computer before removing their glasses.

Taking Breaks Sitting at a desk all day can take its toll on your vision. If you are like most people, you may find that taking short breaks from working on the computer or TV is very helpful in reducing eye strain. Taking short breaks can help you to regain your composure and re-energize yourself. In addition to taking breaks, it is important that you do something to keep your eyes lubricated. By adding a little oil to your lenses, you can further reduce eye strain.

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