Tanto Knives – Overview and Features

When you think of a machete, or a hatchet, you probably are thinking of an efficient tool that can be used to cut down wood, chop vegetables, or perform many other yard-removal jobs outdoors. The truth is that a machete doesn’t have to be just a hatchet; it can be used for much more and as efficiently as a hammer. A tanto (pronounced ‘tah-toh) is actually a fixed sword designed for cutting and thrusting. While these weapons were traditionally used by soldiers, they have seen a recent rise in popularity amongst non-soldiers because of their versatility and utility.

tanto knives


Strength: Perhaps one of the most important advantages of tanto knives is their strength. Tanto knives have a huge cutting edge and a solid, flat grind, making them capable of thrusting through thick objects without ripping the skin or cutting the wood. Further, these old knives don’t rot easily even with daily use, or even heavy use. It’s for this reason that many enterprising individuals have designed tanto knives with comfortable handles and ergonomic designs, so that these tools can be easily carried every day and used for all kinds of everyday tasks, from simple gardening to chopping firewood. They’re also great for open-hand combat, because the flat grind and the point on a tank allow for effective grappling moves.


Piercing: Tanto blades are often referred to as “studders” because they can penetrate softer metals and even light metal. This ability to penetrate makes tanto knives excellent for penetrating hard-to-kill or dangerous threats such as stingrays, sharks, bees and bears. Because they have a deep, penetrating grind, a tanto knife can get into soft flesh and tissue, opening the way for easy prying. Plus, the raised ridged profile of a taste lends itself to efficient piercing of larger objects. And, due to their flexibility, tanto knives are perfect for opening cans, bottles, and other metallic containers.

Cutting: Another important characteristic of tanto knives is their powerful cutting edge. The flat grind combined with the point makes a long-lasting, sharp cutting edge that can cut through just about anything. Tanto blades can even be used for cutting through tougher metal objects, although the secondary edge may not hold up to much heavier items. If you’re going camping or climbing, tanto knives make an ideal choice for tasks where your life is in danger, as they have an excellent edge for getting through denser cover or up hills.


Power: Perhaps the most important feature of tanto knives is their power. The flat grind and strong point combined with a heavy-duty spring are able to deliver a tremendous amount of force, cutting through just about anything thanks to their efficient cutting distance. Combined with the tanto’s flexible edge, tanto knives are useful for opening cans, slicing through limbs or driving nails into hard-to-reach places. Because the blade is attached at the handle, you can swing it around with a flick of your wrist to cut down on branches or flip through tight spaces. A tank with a double-edged blade can also be used for tough jobs like cutting rope tied into a knot to make large ropes easier to pull through tight spots.

While they do share some common characteristics with traditional tactical knives, tanto knives have their own unique qualities. They are both easy to sharpen and customize and come in a variety of styles and shapes to meet anyone’s needs. With its powerful ability to cut through anything, the tanto is the perfect companion for any busy field, whether you’re cutting through branches or moving through tight spaces on your way to a job site. And because they are so durable, tanto knives are often passed down from generation to generation.

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