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Taking Care of Your Newborn

The arrival of a newborn is a happy time for the entire family. It is also a time where new mothers should try their best to ensure the safety and health of the newborn. The first few days will obviously be a little bit hectic as the baby needs to get accustomed to his surroundings and get used to his new environment. New born’s need proper care and attention, but it is up to the new-born parents to ensure that these needs are met. If the care and attention that is being given to the baby while he is in the womb is not adequate, there are chances of the newborn slipping away into thin air.


The care that a newborn receives is totally dependent upon the parents. While the baby sleeps, this is the period in which the baby gets to grow and learn. It is during this period that new born develop instinctually. This is also the period where he starts to understand the basic needs of his environment and the people around him. The care that he receives during this period helps him to acquire certain skills that he will need later in life.

The first few days of the baby’s life are very critical and important. It is during these days that the newborn begins to understand the significance of people and basic rules. He begins to distinguish between his own body and the body of the mother. The mother even begins to understand the importance of caring for her newborn. This makes it easy for the parents to teach the baby right from wrong.


By paying attention to the habits of the baby, parents can prevent him from doing some of the bad things that he may do later in life. One of the major advantages of taking care of a new born is that he learns at this very early stage the difference between good and bad. He starts to get an idea of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. If done right, the new born will be able to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong.

When the baby is about six months old, it is time to start feeding him. At this time the baby starts getting into the frame of mind of walking and talking. The parents need to take care of the baby at this early stage by feeding him with breast milk or formula. The formula can also be used to supplement the breast milk.


It is now time for the parents to discuss their plans regarding the care of the new born. The parents need to decide when the baby will be fed. They also need to decide when the baby will start sleeping. Once these decisions are made, the parents need to talk to the doctor about the appropriate care that is to be given to the new born. There are many medical complications that can occur in the future so it is better to be prepared. The new born needs all the support he can get.

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