How Hotels Are Using Technology For Competitive Advantage

a highly competitive market

One of the major challenges that all hotels face is how to remain relevant in a highly competitive market. The old days of opening and tearing down motels, or renting rooms is no longer applicable. In fact, if you look at it from the point of view of a customer, staying at one of these types of establishments is like going on a vacation. You want value for your money, and the best way to get that value is by being convenient and having a great location. Fortunately for hotels, the internet has revolutionized the hospitality industry. Today, the days of having to go through a chain of motels just to get a room have long been over.


stay ahead of the competition

Many websites review other hotels throughout the country. This gives potential customers a chance to read about other hotels in the area, which can help them decide if this is the type of hotel they want to stay at. This is the perfect example of how technology can help reduce expenses while providing more value for the money you spend on staying at a hotel. Many hotels are using this type of technology to stay ahead of the competition.


up-to-date information

Another way that staying on top of the competition is done is through efficient website functionality. Most hotels today have websites, and while customers tend to focus on the front page, there is plenty more information on the secondary pages. If you want your guests to stay informed about what is happening at your hotel, offer up-to-date information on your website. This includes pictures, information about special promotions, deals, and more.


loyalty card

Stay not only on the top of your competitor’s list but also on the top of yours. By offering special discounts and other perks to loyal customers, you will be able to attract new guests who will be more likely to stay with you. When a guest stays at one of your properties, they are given a loyalty card. With this card, they can make future requests at the hotel without having to pay the full rate.


creative and modern

You can also keep your room’s looking more attractive to your guests by updating the curtains and pillows on your beds. If you want to be creative and modern, you can even change the linens in your rooms. This is a great way to increase the number of nights that your rooms remain empty while creating an ambiance that makes people want to stay longer. Many hotels use this tactic as well, as they want to keep their rooms from being occupied by people looking for a bed. Having clean, bright rooms keeps guests happy and your property’s occupancy rate from falling.


staying longer in a location

One of the most important advantages of staying in an attractive property is being able to stretch your dollars farther. Not only do you save money by staying longer in a location, but you can also save money on food, drinks, and other expenses. When you stay longer, you generally spend less money than if you were to stay shorter. Some places have discounts or package deals for customers who stay longer, so take advantage of those opportunities. This is how hotels are using technology for competitive advantage. They know that staying longer can make you save money while staying in one location.

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