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How Does Automotive Coatings Work?

Car painting is a cosmetic process which transforms your car into a different color. This can be done at home or taken to a professional auto painter or car restoration service. This is one of the major renovations that takes place to your car, and it is important to choose the right professional for the job. You can always do the painting on your own, but professional painters will make sure that everything runs smoothly and gives you the look that you want.


Automotive clear coats are paint applied on cars for both decoration and protection purposes. The purpose of automotive clear coat is to protect the internal working parts of the car from the elements, such as dirt and dust. It is also supposed to make driving safer by absorbing some of the ultraviolet rays that are emitted by the headlights and taillights. Water-based acrylic lacquer paint is the most common paint used for these purposes, since it is cheaper and doesn’t affect the performance of the engine. However, this kind of paint also has its downsides, such as a slow drying time and uneven finishes.

These paints have a series of additives that allow them to resist staining and also form a metallic base coat over the paint. As mentioned, the main advantage of these paints is their cheap price compared to other kinds of auto paint. However, problems can occur if the right equipment and supplies are not used for painting. The main problem occurs when surface preparation is overlooked and improperly done. Another common problem is when the surface is not prepared properly and the paint comes out with a chipped or rough texture.


There are different methods in applying these paints. One is with a brush, while another is more popularly applied with an auto painter’s kit. The difference between these two is the speed at which the paint dries and how much the paint sticks to the surface of the car. This determines the overall appearance of the finished project. Brush on applications are often referred to as sprayers, while dry-rubbed application is often referred to as a brush truck application.

A sprayer is a machine gun that uses compressed air to apply the coating to the car’s surface. The compressed air pushes the paint into the surface of the car through a canister. The canister forces the coat into the correct place and provides a good seal. Dry rub or electric sprayers are electric machines that spray paint into the surface of the car directly. These types of machines are often used to provide a paint fade resistance, as well as a non-skid surface.


Another method in which these paints are used is called e-coat systems. These systems are usually coated with a clear coat that is resistant to water, thereby preventing the water from getting to the underneath of the car. The clear coat is made from either plastic or metal. These systems have been used since the 1950s, primarily for commercial vehicles such as race cars.

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