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Employment Law – Know Your Rights!

What does an employment lawyer do? An employment attorney represents both employees and employers in labor disputes, which include: Sexual harassment in the workplace. Unfair termination of an unsatisfying employee. In addition to representing the employees, these lawyers also assist employers with mediation and other conflict resolution practices as needed.


How do employment attorneys help my employee or colleague who is the victim of discrimination? An employment attorney will do everything in his or her power to ensure that every person is treated fairly and is not subjected to harassment based on race, sexual orientation, age, religion, gender, or disability. They will also ensure that an injured employee receives all the benefits to which he or she may be entitled. For example, if an employee is disabled, the Employment Attorney will work to ensure that he or she is provided with access to equipment, which he or she may require to perform his or her job. If an employee has been discriminated against for reasons related to his or her disability, the Employment Attorney will fight for his or her equal treatment at the workplace.

Who are the best qualified lawyers to represent my client who is a victim of wrongful termination? The laws on wrongful termination vary from state to state. Each state’s laws on this issue are more complex than the laws of other states. Therefore, it is imperative that your employment lawyer has thoroughly studied the laws of his or her state and specializes in employment law. Your lawyer should also be able to explain all the nuances related to this very important area of law.


How much do legal fees cost? Legal fees are extremely important because the loss of a job through wrongful termination can have devastating financial consequences. To be certain that you hire an attorney who is not only experienced but also very affordable, discuss your budget with your lawyer and go over the fees involved with him or her before hiring them. Be sure to find out what your attorney will and won’t charge in terms of handling any potential negotiations with your former employer.

How do I know if my lawyer is competent? You can easily weed out incompetent attorneys by reviewing their credentials. For example, employment lawyers who have won major cases in state and federal courts are more likely to be competent than those who have never won a case. On the other hand, an employment attorney who has never represented an employer on a human rights or employment case may not possess the skills required to represent your case in a way that will help your surviving employer. Your primary concern should always be finding a lawyer who will be able to make your employment situation better than it currently is.

How can I get help selecting an employment attorney? You can search for attorneys online and check out the websites of local chambers of commerce and labor unions. Some states even post information about employment attorneys available in the area. You can also contact local court houses and ask for advice about finding an employment attorney.

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