Causes Of Hair Loss – What You Should Know

The first option include topical medications

Hair loss in women is usually just that whenever a female experiences sudden heavy shedding of hair, this is considered to be true. In general, individuals shed off from fifty to 100 new hairs per day. Hair fall is normally different from hair shedding though. The usual medical name for hair loss in women is alopecia and is also known as female pattern baldness.

Among the topical medications are Rogaine (Minoxidil), Elle and Propecia (Propecia). In the case where the hair loss is caused by nutritional deficiencies or some medications such as birth control pills, it is best to treat the deficiency before using these medicines. Hair loss due to nutritional deficiencies could be treated with bio-identical hormones that are made from soy and are similar to the ones produced by a female’s body. In the case of taking these medications after alopecia is caused by hormonal problems, it is best to consult your doctor.

The next is to treat hair loss through surgery

For severe cases, it might be necessary to go through hair transplantation surgery. The surgery involves actually moving parts on the scalp that are affected by the hair fall in order for them to be transplanted to the areas where hair growth is normally thinning. If the case for treatment is considered to be very bad, your doctor might recommend that you take hormone therapy. This might see you having a patchy hair appearance over time.

Another option includes using hair loss shampoos. The active ingredient in a good quality of stimulating shampoo is Nettle. Nettle is effective in helping to stimulate hair follicles and therefore help to stimulate the growth of hair. You can buy these shampoos that contain Nettles at health food stores and pharmacies. When using this type of shampoo, you should apply the shampoo generously on your scalp every day.

the causes of hair loss are tight ponytails or cornrows

For those who have some degree of hair loss, there is a possibility that you may also develop what is known as alopecia areata. This is a condition where patches of dead skin are found on the scalp. If you are experiencing patchy hair loss, you may expect the number of hair follicles affected to be much higher than normal. This can cause hair loss to become extensive over time. For people who have alopecia areata, it is important to note that they will need to use a hair growth shampoo in order to prevent their hair from falling out.

One of Tight ponytails and cornrows make it difficult for hair to shed off from the scalp and can lead to the loss of hair if it is not removed. You can remove these causes of hair loss by cutting off your tight ponytails or cornrows. However, if you are experiencing these types of hair loss, you should still keep your hair short and stay away from tight ponytails and cornrows.

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