Auto Insurance For New Drivers

Auto insurance can be one of the most expensive purchases you make

It is important to shop around and find the best auto insurance quote for you. The insurance industry is highly competitive and offers a wide variety of plans to choose from. The internet is a great source for getting quotes and information on auto insurance. Here are some car tips to help you get a better price on your next automobile insurance policy:

Increase your deductible. If you buy a policy with an insurance company to cover just one vehicle, you may find yourself paying a much higher premium than if you asked about covering multiple drivers or vehicles with that particular company. Insurance companies will often offer what amounts to an inflated lump sum premium since they need your business in case you become injured or fall off your bike. An increase in your deductible will take that risk away from them.

Be a safe and careful driver. One of the biggest factors that affects your car insurance premium is your record on accidents. If you have a history of multiple accidents, you are considered a high risk driver and your premiums will be more expensive. You may also find that your rates are higher if you live in a high traffic area or near major highways. This is simply because your car insurance company has no real way of knowing if you will have an accident in these areas.

Try to combine your car insurance coverage

Different types of coverage have different rates, so it pays to look around and compare the cost of each type of coverage you have to determine which one will work for you. Some examples of coverage are collision, comprehensive, uninsured/underinsured motorist, and liability coverage.

You can usually save money by adjusting your deductible. The higher deductible you pay, the lower your premiums will be on an average. Also, by having more than one type of coverage, such as collision and liability, you can often save money by waiving some of the collision and/or liability coverage on an average insurance policy. In addition to the deductible, another thing you can do to lower your insurance costs is to raise your credit score. Your insurance policy may not be the best deal if your credit is below average.


Once you’ve found out what kind of driver you are and what kind of premium you want to pay, you need to shop around for an appropriate insurance policy. Talk with several different companies and let their representatives know exactly the kind of driver you are (passive, aggressive, third party). Also give them information about any previous claims you’ve had and any types of vehicles you currently own. After all, if you are in an accident, they will want to know about it, and will charge a higher deductible to compensate themselves for your losses.

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